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Response to media query by Spokesperson of Chinese Embassy in New Zealand on Taiwan issue

Q: Recently, when New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Winston Peters spoke to reporters about whether he supported Taiwan joining the World Health Organization (WHO), he said that he always has (supported), personally. What is your comment?

A: There is only one China in the world, and Taiwan is part of China. The one-China principle is a common consensus of the international community and upholding this principle is a basic norm in the international community. WHO is a specialized UN agency composed of sovereign states. As a province of China, Taiwan is not eligible for the membership of WHO.

The Taiwan region’s participation in international organizations, including the WHO, must be handled in accordance with the one-China principle. The Chinese Central Government attaches great importance to the health and welfare of people in Taiwan and has made reasonable and appropriate arrangements regarding the region's participation in international health affairs based on the one-China principle. The channels for the Taiwan region to obtain the information released by the WHO and its experts’ attendance of WHO technical activities are clear and smooth.

After the outbreak of COVID-19, the Chinese Central Government has frequently and promptly shared relavant information with the Taiwan region. In mid-January, the Chinese Central Government received experts from the Taiwan region to have a field visit to Wuhan and held discussions with experts from Chinese mainland.

At present, the world is at a critical stage in fighting against the pandemic. However, the Democratic Progressive Party authority in Taiwan region has been making reckless political maneuvers and trying to hype up Taiwan's participation in the WHO and the World Health Assembly. Their real intention is to seek ‘independence’ by making use of the pandemic. We are firmly opposed to that.

The one-China principle is the political foundation of China-New Zealand relationship. China appreciates the longstanding adherence of the one-China policy by successive New Zealand governments since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. We hope New Zealand will continue to abide by this principle, properly handle issues related to Taiwan and uphold the sound development of China-NZ relations with concrete actions.

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