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Counselor Qu Guangzhou meets with Chinese university students attending the summer course at Victoria University of Wellington

    On January 26, at the Chinese embassy, Counselor Qu Guangzhou met with the Chinese university students attending the Sixth ‘Intercultural Leadership Summer Course’ at Victoria University of Wellington. Counselor Qu welcomed the 26 students from Fudan University, Sun Yat-sen University and Xiamen Institute of Technology to the Embassy. Counselor Qu briefed the students on the development of China – New Zealand relations and the work of the Chinese Embassy in New Zealand, noting that China – New Zealand relations are at their best in history. The comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries has progressed well with frequent high-level exchanges and increasing cooperation in various fields including economy and trade, education, culture, science and technology, and military affairs. Counselor Qu encouraged the students to cherish the opportunity to study diligently, to broaden their vision by experiencing New Zealand's history and culture while absorbing the splendid Chinese traditional culture and wisdom to promote China's friendly relations with all countries in the world, including New Zealand.

    The students were excited about the visit to the Embassy, noting that the summer course offered a different perspective on the world. The students believed the course would contribute to their future academic and career development. The program leader, Sinologist and Victoria University of Wellington Professor Campbell, expressed his gratitude to the Embassy for all the kind arrangements. Counselor Qu Guangzhou also answered questions on China's foreign policy, the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative and youth exchanges between China and New Zealand.

    The ‘Intercultural Leadership Summer Course’ was jointly organized by Victoria University of Wellington and the Chinese Partner Universities, inviting Chinese students to Victoria University of Wellington for a three-week exchange program with site visits around New Zealand. Themes of the course include intercultural communication, environment and sustainable development and regional and global issues. So far, five courses have been successfully delivered.

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