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Ambassador Wang Lutong meets with a delegation from the Foreign Affairs Office of Hainan Province

   On October 12, Ambassador Wang Lutong met with Ms. Dai Zhen, Deputy Director of the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Hainan Province, and the delegation members at the Chinese Embassy.

   Ms. Dai Zhen briefed Ambassador Wang on the ‘Maritime Silk Road in the 21st Century’ Island Economic Forum annual meeting. She noted that, as the sub-forum of the Annual Conference of Bo’ao Forum for Asia, the Island Economic Forum is aiming to promote development and mutually beneficial cooperation in island regions worldwide. Hainan Province is willing to take the Forum as a platform to strengthen cooperation with New Zealand in areas including marine fisheries, agriculture and animal husbandry, tourism, aged population care and rehabilitation.

   Ambassador Wang Lutong briefed Ms. Dai on the current situation of China – New Zealand relations and bilateral cooperation in the areas of economy, trade and tourism. Ambassador Wang noted that the Chinese Embassy is willing to work with Hainan Province to enhance its cooperation with New Zealand.

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