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Manipulating self-immolations cannot change the doomed failure of the Dalai clique

On December 9, a report by the Xinhua news agency on "Sichuan police cracked down on a series of incited self-immolation cases" has revealed with facts the ferocity and shamelessness of the suspects and the Dalai clique is the behind-the-scene plotter of the crimes. It is confirmed that more cases and details will be disclosed. Let's take a look at how the Dalai clique incited and lured the innocent to commit self-immolations and what their political scheme is.

Dalai: the root of self-immolations

For more than a year, the 14th Dalai Lama has attempted to fool the world by "quitting the politics" and started a new momentum of "Tibet Independence", which only resulted in hopelessness for "contact", internal faction and conflicts except for a few applauses from some foreign forces. So all he can do is to resort to orchestrating self-immolations to press the Chinese government.

On October 19, 2011, the Dalai Lama presided over a praying ceremony for victims in a series of self-immolations and set an example in a fast to encourage and support self-immolations.

So the head of the puppet government then issued a statement to turn up his thumb on the people's courage and "fearless spirit" to set themselves a flame.

"People who burn themselves are very courageous, but there is still a problem if their sacrifices will work out," said the Dalai Lama when taking an interview from BBC on November 26, 2011.

Obviously, what the Dalai Lama is concerned about is not to stop such a brutal and inhuman behavior, but whether it will take effect or not.

The Dalai Lama has faced blames and criticism on conniving at self-immolations this year, but he is used to making all kinds of excuses for himself.

In his previous speech, he said that if he admitted that self-immolation was wrong, it would definitely hurt the victims, the survivals and their family members," and so "it was better for him to remain neutral on this issue because he doesn't want to leave people an impression that the self-immolation was wrong."

The Dalai clique also organized a "special convention" in September, in which the head of the puppet government not only showed "sympathy" and "full support" for the self-immolations, but it decided to applaud for such an extreme action.

At the same time, the puppet government declared that "the self-immolation is the highest realm of non-violence" in an attempt to lead to more tragedies. However, the Dalai Lama "highly appreciated" such a declaration.

According to the media report of the Dalai clique on October 23th, Dalai Lama raised his voice when interviewed by the American media. What he was quite sure was that those who self-immolated themselves are motivated sincerely by Buddha dharma and the well-being of ordinary people. And from the Buddhist perspective, it was positive". The leader of the so-called "Tibetan government-in-exile" responded immediately that it is the sacred responsibility for "exiled government" to support the self-immolations. The Tibetan Youth Congress of the Dalai Clique also clamored publicly that the self-immolation is the most effective non-violent action for them.

This extreme crime against humanity committed by the Dalai clique has been strongly condemned and unanimously opposed by the masses of the Tibetan areas and the religious figures, and it has also aroused widespread doubt in the international community. Many people point out angrily that if the self-immolation is really good, why Dalai Lama and the leaders of the "exile government" and the Tibetan Youth Congress do not set themselves on fire?

As known to all, cherishing life is a basic rule of Buddhism and no Dalai Lama except the 14th Dalai Lama had approved any conduct of killing life including the self-immolation ever before. That the Dalai clique takes advantage of religion to carry out spiritual control on others to make them sacrifice their life for his own political purpose is not only completely against the doctrine and tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, but clearly shows some feature of "cults" that Westerners are familiar with.

Recently, media from Belgium and Austria pointed out that "self-immolation is a kind of bewitched religious zealotry" that "is closely linked to the religious despotism behind".

People still remember the tragedy that the Peoples Temple followers were cheated and coerced by their leader Jim Jones to commit mass suicide of 914 people. In 1986, seven female AUM Shinrikyo believers killed themselves due to the allurement of their headman Asahara Shoko, who is also a close friend of the 14th Dalai Lama.

Nowadays, the Dalai Lama is following the step of Jim Jones and Asahara Shoko. Anyone with conscience needs to learn from those tragedies, never to allow such organization, such extreme behavior to appear again and never tolerate anyone to support such inhumane action in anyone's name.

Inciting self-immolations is for "Tibet independence"

The Dalai clique has never stopped committing severe violent crimes since his fleeing into India after the failed "1959 armed rebellion". Over the past century, they have launched military attacks along the Chinese border, instigated disturbances in Lhasa, and stirred up the incident of beating, smashing, looting and arson on March 14, which all aimed to achieving the doom-to-fail "Tibet independence". Recently, they turned to incite self-immolations and regarded their "evilness" as a bargaining chip to press the Chinese central government for their own end.

Ever since the occurrence of self-immolations, the Dalai clique has frequently made cranky statements, asking the "Chinese Communist Party leaders to resume talk with the Tibet government in-exile to resolve the Tibet issue". And their illegal government leader also made an open statement, hoping for the scenario of "The Spring of Arab incited by Tunisia self-immolations" to occur in China. By pressing the central government to start talk with them, they actually intended for a political acknowledgment of their separatist organization when they attempted to realize the "high degree of autonomy in Greater Tibet" through the talks.

The notorious "Tibetan Youth Congress" also publicized their stance clearly that the final resort for self-immolations is to fulfill "Tibet independence" completely. The leader of the forged government also made it clear in his public inaugural address that "Tibet independence was a principle target and Tibet Autonomy a practical one". The political aim behind instigating self-immolations is so obvious.

Just as the Daily Newspaper of Germany pointed out, the self-immolations of Tibetans had totally cast off the religious color and become a propaganda tool and chip for the Dalai Lama and the government-in-exile to clamp down China and to extract political interest.

There has never been such a political incentive which was made through deceiving people to burn themselves. China's unification and ever-rising international status shall never be threatened by the Dalai clique's inhumane conduct. However, the Dalai clique has no alternative but to murder more and more lives regardless of condemns and contempts from the international community. An "official" from the the exiled government posted a bloody statement on Phayul, a mouthpiece website of the Dalai clique, that "If the number of sacrificed Tibetans reaches 100,000, we will sooner get free".

The Dalai clique even extended their sinful hands to innocent children. A report from VOA on April10said that the school run by the Dalai clique exhibited pictures regarding self-immolations and forced children to pay tribute to the self-immolators and line up to greet the funeral procession. As a result, some students asked their teachers whether they should do the same. The 36/55 Resolution of the UN declared that "education for children should be based on forgiveness, tolerance, friendship, peace, fraternity and respect of the freedom of faith and religion. On the contrary, the Dalai clique carried out revenge and self-immolation education for children. All of these are enough evidence to strip the Dalai Lama's disguises of the "peace" and "non-violence" lies.

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