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Xi Jinping Holds Discussion with Foreign Experts, Stressing that China Should Always Be a Great Country Learning From Others

On May 22, 2014, President Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and Chairman of the CPC Central Military Commission, held a discussion with foreign experts in Shanghai after attending the Shanghai Summit of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA). He stressed, every nation and every country should learn from other nations and other countries the outstanding achievements of civilizations. China will always be a great country learning from others. Whichever stage of development it reaches, China will always learn from people of other countries in the world in a humble manner, enhance mutual tolerance, mutual learning and communication with other countries with a more open and inclusive attitude so as to elevate the opening-up to the outside world to new highs.

At 4 pm on May 22, Xi Jinping, accompanied by Han Zheng, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, and Yang Xiong, Mayor of Shanghai, went to the conference center of the Shanghai Xijiao State Guest Hotel. Xi Jinping took a group photo with 50 foreign experts in Shanghai to mark the occasion, and then chaired the discussion with them.

The experts are from 22 countries and work for universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises in Shanghai. They have played a positive role in facilitating the leapfrog development in the construction of China's key fields and achieving the critical breakthroughs of the major scientific research.

Anthony Leggett, British expert on condensed matter physics and professor at Shanghai Jiaotong University, Annette Nijs, Dutch expert on education and culture and executive director of global strategy at China-Europe International Business School, Patrick Power, U.S. aeronautical engineering expert and the invited expert in Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ralf Altmeyer, German virologist and head of Institute Pastur of Shanghai and Gregory Gibb, U.S. financial expert and president of Shanghai Lujiazui International Financial Asset Exchange Co. Ltd. (Lufax), all made their remarks. Based on their experience of life and work in Shanghai, they offered their comments and suggestions on China's efforts to promote the building of an innovation-oriented country from the perspective of introducing high-level talents, creating a more flexible environment for innovation and starting business, building the global competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry, improving the evaluation system of scientific and technological achievements, smoothing the transformation channels for applicable achievements of basic research and innovation, and encouraging financial innovation while intensifying control of financial risks. They expressed that President Xi Jinping meeting and exchanging views with them fully demonstrate China's willingness to adhere to opening up to the outside world and strengthening cooperation with foreign countries. They hope to make greater contributions to building an innovation-oriented China on their own platforms and at their own posts.

Having listened carefully to every words of the experts, Xi Jinping responded to the opinions and suggestions of each of them. Xi Jinping then made an important speech. He said, the foreign experts have not only brought with them the advanced technologies and management experience to China, but also the new ideas and concepts. The opinions and the suggestions of the experts are quite in-depth and to the point. We will seriously work on it. Xi Jinping extended his sincere greetings and best wishes to the foreign experts and international friends and their relatives who have been caring for, supporting, and participating in China's revolution, construction and reform for a long time.

Xi Jinping pointed out, large rivers and sea never refuse streams. In today's world, the streams of commodities, information, technology, talents and culture brought by the economic globalization and information socialization are just like the irresistible water of the Yangtze River. A country with an opening-up policy should first open the mind of its people, especially the mind of talents. A country with narrow-minded and close-hearted people cannot well implement an opening-up policy. Therefore, the implementation of opening-up policy should focus on the people. We should promote the opening-up of the vision, way of thinking, knowledge and technology of the people. Through learning and applying advanced knowledge and technology in the world, we can elevate the overall opening-up to new levels.

Xi Jinping stressed, after over three decades of rapid economic growth since reform and opening-up, the space is getting more and more limited for the investment-driven, scope-expanding and export-oriented development pattern. China needs more innovation in science and technology to guide and support the economic development and social progress. Encountered with the complex situation of slow recovery of the world economy and worldwide problems in the fields of poverty elimination and environmental protection, tackling traditional and non-traditional security issues, nations throughout the world must make joint efforts to find a way of solution. The cultural exchanges between different nationalities, different countries and different regions are like the mix of different colors. Due to the various combination, new pictures and scenes will come out of the criss-cross of shade and strength. All of these require and call for the talents and the international cooperation and exchanges of talents needs to be strengthened.

Xi Jinping pointed out, the Chinese nation has the fine tradition of respecting and cherishing talents. Now we need to open a wider road for inviting talents worldwide than at any time in history. A more open policy for talents should be adopted. We shouldn't take into consideration the geographical difference while bringing in talents, nor should we focus on returns while finding the talents. The talents should be able to make use of their advantages without any restriction. While cultivating domestic innovative talents, we should be more active bringing in foreign talents, especially high-level talents. We warmly welcome the foreign experts and brilliant talents for participating in China's modernization through various ways. We should create a favourable atmosphere of respect, care and support for foreign talents for their innovation and entrepreneurship, fully trust them to work in their own way, to find their own places and to make full use of their capacities .

Xi Jinping stressed, for the exchanges and mutual learning of different cultures, it is above all the exchange and mutual learning of peoples. Enhancing the exchanges and cooperation of international talents will be beneficial for us to draw on the outstanding achievements of civilizations of all countries in the world as well as to push forward the creative translation and innovative development of the Chinese civilization. More importantly, this kind of exchanges will be beneficial to promoting the mutual respect among different civilizations and the mutual understanding of people around the world.

Xi Jinping pointed out, foreign experts present today regard China as their second hometown and we take you as members of the big Chinese family. I hope foreign experts continue to pay your attention to, support and participate in the modernization construction of China as well as to offer advice and suggestions to the reform and development of China; continue to be the excellent non-official ambassadors of the exchanges and cooperation between China and the rest of the world, using what you have seen, heard and experienced to show the world a three-dimensional whole picture of a real China, bringing more understanding and more support for China from the world. The understanding, analysis, comments and opinions, even the straightforward critical words of the foreign experts on the reform and development of China will help us face our own problems and solve the difficulties confronting us.

Xi Jinping emphasized, the departments concerning the personnel management of foreign experts should continue the improvement of the introduction system and mechanism of foreign talents, ensure the protection of intellectual property rights, guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of foreign talents and present honours and awards to the foreign talents who have made outstanding contributions so that the foreign talents who aspire to pursue their career in China will come and stay, given full play of their talents and find their proper places. The regularity of the international talent flow should be followed and the enterprises, colleges and universities and scientific research institutions should play a principal role, to integrate the expertise of foreign talents into the requirements of China's development and provide a broader stage for foreign experts for their talents and their dreams.

To conclude, Xi Jinping shook hands with every foreign expert and saw them off the conference hall.

Ma Kai, Wang Huning, Li Zhanshu, Yang Jiechi and executive officials of the relevant central departments were present.

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