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Xi Jinping Meets with President Emomali Rakhmon of Tajikistan

On May 19, 2014, President Xi Jinping met with President Emomali Rakhmon of Tajikistan in Shanghai.

Xi Jinping expressed, the Chinese side always regards Tajikistan as a good neighbor, a good friend and a good partner. China supports Tajikistan safeguarding national stability, promoting economic development and improving the living standard of the people. Since the establishment of China-Tajikistan strategic partnership last year, bilateral relations have entered a new stage, and cooperation in various fields has enjoyed sound momentum. Both sides should step up mapping out the Cooperation Program for China-Tajikistan Strategic Partnership for 2015-2020, advance as scheduled the cooperative projects including the China-Central Asia natural gas pipeline project and the transformation of Tajik electric transmission and distribution circuit, the infrastructure construction of transportation and border port, industrial parks, and agricultural technology demonstration gardens, facilitate cooperation in culture, education and tourism, intensify cooperation in secure law enforcement and defense, and join the efforts to fight against the “three evil forces”, drug trafficking and trans-national crimes. The Chinese side will fully support and cooperate with the Tajik side to ensure the success of the Dushanbe Summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in September this year, so as to promote the organization to develop toward the direction of closer unity, more practical cooperation and more effective actions.

Rakhmon expressed that the Tajik side is committed to consolidating Tajikistan-China good-neighborly and friendly cooperation, and to deepen the strategic partnership. He is looking forward to President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Tajikistan and attendance at the Dushanbe Summit of SCO. He believed that this visit would become a new milestone in the history of the bilateral relationship. The Tajik side thanks the Chinese side for offering support and help for Tajikistan for the preparation of this Summit, and stands ready to make joint efforts with China to carry forward the spirit of SCO and to play a greater role in promoting regional peace and stability. Tajikistan is a reliable partner of China in cracking down the “three evil forces”, and is willing to strengthen bilateral cooperation on security and law enforcement, so as to improve the capacity of jointly addressing complicated situations. The Tajik side is ready to make all-out efforts to complete the Central Asia-China natural gas pipeline construction, and hopes that the Chinese side will continue the active participation in the economic construction and improvement of people’s livelihood in Tajikistan.

Wang Huning, Li Zhanshu, Yang Jiechi and others were present at the meeting.

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