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Li Keqiang Points Out at China-Africa Economic, Trade and Culture Round Table to Drive China-Africa Cooperation into Fast Lane with Two "Wheels" Running Together, One for Economy and Trade, and One for People-to-People and Cultural Exchanges

In the morning of May 6, 2014, Premier Li Keqiang attended the China-Africa Economic, Trade and Culture Round Table in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia. Thirty representatives from business, educational and cultural circles of China, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Ghana, Djibouti and other countries were present.

To start, Li Keqiang said, you are all at the forefront of China-Africa cooperation, and I would very much like to listen to you. Please feel free to speak out your ideas and suggestions.

The representatives were eager to make their remarks. African entrepreneurs from Ethiopian Sugar Corporation, Ghana National Gas Company, and Tanzania Electric Supply Company, said that cooperation with China has facilitated the development of African enterprises and hoped to expand cooperation fields so as to achieve more mutual benefit and win-win results. Representatives of Chinese enterprises from CGCOC GROUP Co., Ltd., China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd., Beijing Startimes Communications Networking Technology Co., Ltd., and Chongqing Lifan Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. talked about their business condition in Africa and suggested that policies on investment cooperation with Africa should be further improved; representatives from National Museum of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopian Wushu Federation, Confucius Institute and so on put forward some suggestions to enhance the ability of China-Africa people-to-people and cultural exchanges. Li Keqiang took some notes while listening and had in-depth discussions with the representatives.

To conclude, Li Keqiang said, China and Africa, with a total population of 2.3 billion, one is a promising developing country, and the other is a continent full of hope. Both China and Africa regard each other as a tremendous opportunity for their own self-development. There is a momentum of close cooperation between the two sides at all levels and in all areas, which brings benefits to the Chinese and African peoples, while is also conducive to promoting the development of the world.

Li Keqiang pointed out, there are "two wheels" closely integrated and indispensable to promoting China-Africa cooperation, one for economy and trade and the other for people-to-people and cultural exchanges. It is the "bearings" of development that connect these two "wheels". It is necessary to drive the "two wheels", one for economy and trade and the other for people-to-people and cultural exchanges run together, pushing the China-Africa cooperation into the fast lane, so as to promote for a better, more stable and sustainable China-Africa mutual development.

Li Keqiang pointed out, employment is the basic need to improve people's livelihood in Africa. China and Africa are complementary in their development stage. China is willing to move those industries suitable for Africa, especially labor-intensive industries to Africa, so as to increase employment in Africa; unreservedly share technology and experience with Africa, make greater contributions to African poverty reduction and development, encourage enterprises to actively participate in infrastructure construction in Africa, and unceasingly strengthen China-Africa economic and trade cooperation. Meanwhile, in the people-to-people and cultural field, China is willing to do its best to intensify cooperation with Africa in the fields of training, research and development and to promote China-Africa people-to-people and cultural, and scientific and technological exchanges, so that the two ancient civilizations of China and Africa can radiate more gorgeous lights through mutual learning.

Representatives expressed their thanks to Li Keqiang for attending this discussion in his tight schedule and listening to the voice from the forefront of China-Africa cooperation. They said they would continue to work hard in their fields and make new contributions to promoting China-Africa friendly cooperation.

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