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Li Kengqiang Meets with Executive Director of United Nations Environmental Programme Achim Steiner and Executive Director of United Nations Human Settlements Programme Joan Clos

In the afternoon of May 10 local time, Premier Li Keqiang met with Executive Director of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) Achim Steiner and Executive Director of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT) Joan Clos in Nairobi.

Premier Li Keqiang spoke positively of and appreciated the contributions that the UNEP and UN-HABITAT have long been making to promoting international environment, development and the cause of people’s livelihood. He expressed that China, as a member state of both UNEP and UN-HABITAT, has always supported their work and carried out extensive and effective cooperation with both organizations. Li Keqiang pointed out that the Chinese government is now making great efforts to advance the ecological civilization construction, and to work towards realizing the harmonious and sustainable development of economy, society and environment, and that its course of new-type urbanization is at the critical period of in-depth development. In order to push forward the cause of global sustainable development, China is willing to take the “World City Day” as a chance to deepen exchanges and cooperation with UNEP and UN-HABITAT and to strengthen experience exchanges with other nations while centering on the strategic themes including fostering green development, improving the ability in environmental management, and promoting South-South cooperation in environmental protection and in tackling the climate change, so as to promote the sustainable development of the world.

Steiner said that having made important contributions to the global environment and development cause, China has set other countries a good example by attaching great importance and giving great impetus to promoting the green economy and ecological civilization construction. UNEP appreciates the Chinese side for its long-term support and help, and stands ready to continue to strengthen cooperation with the Chinese side.

Clos said that China has undergone the largest scale of urbanization course in human history and has achieved prominent progress over the past two decades. Currently, Africa is speeding up its urbanization construction and has a vast demand for expertise, capital, infrastructure and others, and China’s experience and help are crucial for Africa. He welcomed China to be a member of executive council of UN-HABITAT, so as to make greater contributions to the development of Africa and the whole world.

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