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Chinese Satellite TV Channels Hijacked by Falun Gong Cult(18/07/2002)

  From June 23 to 30, the overseas Falun Gong cells hijacked several Chinese TV channels which transmitted signals through a Chinese satellite. The cult illegally used the satellite to broadcast Falun Gong heresy of doomsday theory. The signal hijacking disrupted the normal transmission of TV programs in parts of China and caused widespread public anger and outrage.  Falun Gong claims responsibility for this act.

Any deliberate damaging and interruption of satellite broadcasting is strictly forbidden under international law and in particular the convention of the International Telecommunications Union as it poses a grave threat to public interest. In hijacking the satellite TV channels, Falun Gong flagrantly trampled upon international law and committed a criminal offense against humanity. It is inconceivable that any law abiding religious group could resort to such despicable practice. This criminal offense is dangerous in yet another way in that it set a precedent of using illegal means to disrupt public TV broadcasting. If other cults or terrorist groups follow suit, grave consequences will be caused. This criminal act is condemned not only in China, but elsewhere in the world, by the International Telecommunications Union and many countries, including France and Australia.  

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